Oasi del Fiumefreddo


Agriturismo Sicilia


Acireale is a baroque city famous for its ‘hundred churches’ and for its Carnival, considered one of the most beautiful in Sicily with processions of allegorical floats, some of which are bedecked with flowers. The heart of the town is Piazza del Duomo, where the Cathedral sits in Roman-gothic style. Nearby there is the Basilica dei SS. Pietro e Paolo dated 1600 and the XVII century Chiesa di S. Sebastiano with a typical baroque façade. Another local attraction is the Teatro dei Pupi (the Puppet Theatre) that puts on animated interpretative scenes taken from the French “chansons de geste”. Acireale offers a marvelous view upon the sea, and the surrounding area is characterized by several sea villages: Santa Caterina, Pozzillo, Santa Tecla, Stazzo e Capomulini.


Oasi del Fiumefreddo
S.P 71/I, n.29, Marina di Cottone
95013 Fiumefreddo di Sicilia(CT)
Infoline: +39 391.4976759
email: info@oasidelfiumefreddo.it

Part. Iva. 03611160874

Satellite Coordinates
Latitudine 37° 47' 25'' N
Longitudine 15° 13' 41'' E

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